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Alaska Rules of Court from Tower Publishing

Alaska Rules of Court 2017-2018

$ 30.00

The official publication of the Alaska judicial branch. With this official title, you and your staff will have the very same information judges will be referencing in the courts. Alaska Rules of Court 2017-2018 State Edition includes over 57 rule changes. This complete set of court rules includes:

 - Rules of Civil Procedure (also for District Court) 
 - Rules of Criminal Procedure (also for District Court) 
 - Rules of Evidence
 - Rules of Appellate Procedure 
 - Adoption Rules 
 - Child in Need of Aid Rules of Procedure
 - Delinquency Rules 
 - Rules of Probate Procedure
 - Alaska Bar Rules 
 - Bylaws of the Alaska Bar Association 
 - Alaska Rules of Professional Conduct 
 - Code of Judicial Conduct 
 - Judicial Conduct Commission Rules 
 - Rules of Administration 
 - Index

Published October, 2017. ISBN: 9780998979816

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